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Who We Are

"Fun, educational and a little bit different - Just fabulous!"
- Blossom And Bee

Welcome to Basil & Crew, your friendly neighbourhood mobile farm from Maidenhead, Berkshire! We're a close-knit family business that sprouted in 2000, driven by our lifelong love for animals and a dream to spread a bit of that love around.

Our story began with crafting the most delightful and unique children's parties – a hit from the get-go! Soon, we realised we had more to offer and branched out to schools, bringing a slice of farm life to the classroom. Fast forward to today, and we’re all about brightening up any event, whether in your backyard, at a school, a family bash, or even a nursing home visit.

Setting up for your special day is part of the fun! Our team arrives early to get everything just right. Whether it's fencing or making sure our furry friends have enough water, we've got it covered. Speaking of furry friends, we bring a whole bunch to you! There's always a mix of farmyard pals ready for some hands-on fun, from grooming and feeding to just hanging out.

We've come a long way and learned heaps along the journey – like what makes an animal happy and what keeps a party popping! While we might not be experts, we sure do know our animal buddies inside and out. We’re all about ensuring they have as much fun as you do.

And don't worry, once you've had your fill of furry cuddles, we're right there with hand wipes and gel to keep things squeaky clean. So, come on and join the Basil & Crew family for a day – it’s all about learning, laughing, and, of course, loving those animals!

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