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In addition to our Mobile Farm visits, we also run an event called "SQUISHBOSH".
SQUISHBOSH” itself, isn’t just a fun name, it is a word made up of qualities that we look for in our participants, and forms the basis of the awards at the end of every party.

It’s a fun sports event but with a difference, we aim to have fun and try a twist on original games, its a mix between, total wipeout, its a knockout and more original sports games. The types of games allow teams and individuals to pit their skill against each other, all depending on the group age..

Participants will get wet and very very messy. It's great fun and very memorable day.

Age range : We offer games for ages ranging from 5 up to 10

Most games can be played inside, and we can work with varying spaces to a reasonable extent. However in the summer we do like to include more outdoor games if possible.

All paints are water-based and easy to clean off an the end of the day, if they haven't washed it all off with water balloons.

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