Bringing the farm experience to you at home or school, is a great way to learn and have fun and to let the goats eat lots of things they shouldn't!

A report on Out of classroom education was released in 2003 by 11 organisations joining together to form the Real World Learning Partnership.
The report highlighted the importance of getting children out of the classroom, no matter what time of year.

Basil and Crew provide an essential connection with the natural world around in a stimulating, safe and supervised environment. The mobile farm enriches the curriculum and can improve educational attainment.
We offer children the opportunity to touch, see and learn about each animal group.











‘Out-of-classroom learning makes a unique contribution to a child’s education, and offers many varied benefits to them, not least developing a sense of place and wonder for the world around them. By taking part in these experiences throughout their time at school, children learn lessons that complement those taught within the classroom. At the same time, they also have fun and get some exercise in the fresh air. ‘