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Welcome to a unique educational experience for families

Magical Parenting has partnered with Basil & Crew to offer an extraordinary learning opportunity for children and parents.

Age: 2-17 years old  |  Weekly Sessions  |  Price: POA


Hands-on Animal Care: Your child will have the chance to connect with, learn and care for animals, from feeding and cleaning to learning about them and forming deep bonds.

Edible Plants Growers: Kids can get their hands dirty and learn how to grow their own vegetables, fostering an appreciation for nature and learning from its teachings.

Woodwork Projects: Discovering the joy of crafting and working with wood, sparking creativity and practical skills.

Business Management Skills: Learning foundational skills including basic financial literacy, budgeting and understanding the marketing mix - all through age-appropriate activities.

Developing Life Skills: By engaging in our farming activities, children learn key life skills to become achievers and thrive. Among these skills they grow in self-confidence as they see their efforts yield results, resilience, patience, and develop responsibility, respect, teamwork skills and a better understanding of who they are and their potential.

And more learning opportunities!: All depending on your child's interests, needs and potential skills.



Informative Sessions: Parents can participate in insightful discussions on various topics, including child development, creating strong parent-child relationships, home education, and parenting skills.

Bespoke guidance: Christina can provide valuable personalised guidance and insights, helping parents become peaceful and empowered.

Quality Time With Your Child: There will be opportunities for parents to work with their child to support a better connection

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